Virtually Pain-Free Dental Care

Dr. Mitchell R. Cooper makes numerous efforts to ensure that patients are able to receive top-quality dental care with virtually no pain or discomfort. We believe that your dental experience should be enjoyable, and all services that we provide should be effective – not painful. Everyone in our practice, including our dentists, are very good listeners and are most attentive to the feelings and requests of the patient. Our patients are never a nuisance or bother. Instead, they are treated with great respect and compassion. If you are especially concerned about comfort and tolerating pain, please know that we are pleased to offer you nitrous oxide for increased comfort.

Routine dental careMaintaining oral health

To prevent issues from arising and to maintain an adequate level of dental health, it is recommended that individuals without periodontal “gum” disease come in for a routine dental visit once every six months. If you are suffering with periodontal disease, which can affect the jaw bone if left untreated, it may be recommended that you come in once every three months. During a routine dental visit, a comprehensive exam and cleaning will be performed. For some patients, digital x-rays may be needed. Sealants and fluoride treatments are also available.

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General & restorative dentistryResolve dental issues & pain

We offer a multitude of general and restorative dental services to both adults and children over age three. Some of the most common procedures that we perform include, but are not limited to, bonding, bridges, crowns, implant crowns, composite restorations, dentures (complete, partial, and hybrid), tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, tooth colored fillings, implant restoration, and root canals. Further, we also treat sleep apnea by using the Prosomnus® lab to fabricate innovative sleep apnea appliances.

Grayhawk Dental Associates GDA Scottsdale
Cosmetic dentistryCreating beautiful smiles

We are passionate about helping you look and feel very best. Whether you come to us for one cosmetic service or are interested in a complete smile makeover, you can be confident that we have what it takes to deliver the smile of your dreams! Cosmetic dentistry services offered in our practice include Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers. For Whitening, we offer Opalescence, including Opalescence take-home trays, Opalescence GO, and the highly-effective Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening. Our Veneers are ultra-thin and made of porcelain or composite. Veneers improve the aesthetics of a tooth and restore a smile, all while protecting natural teeth.

Grayhawk Dental Associates GDA Scottsdale